Jungian Group for Burnout

Rethinking burnout

Welcome to the Jungian Burnout group, a space where we delve into the depths of our psyche to explore the underlying causes of burnout and embark on a transformative journey toward healing and self-discovery. 

Burnout brings us to a halt; it is an immense conflict that is impossible to solve with our usual tools and current attitude. Addressing burnout as a condition that can be gotten rid of through coping skills and behavioral changes denies its roots in the depths of our identity and life story.

When Jung said that “conflicts create the fire of affects and emotions; and like every fire it has two aspects: that of burning and that of giving light,” he reminded us of the growth potential of the conflict. What is decisive of the outcome (either growth or destruction) is our approach to it. If we see it as an opportunity to learn about ourselves, a chance to free from our fears and restrictive unconscious patterns we can integrate our experience – as opposed to conquer or control it. 

The Jungian perspective sees burnout as an important message of our psyche, which we can only get in touch with when we actively seek its meaning and work with the unconscious. In this group, we take burnout as a conflict carrying an immense potential for growth, self-discovery and transformation. 

What will this group help you achieve?

This support group adopts a Jungian approach to understanding and addressing burnout, that is, with the use of Jungian concepts and tools. 

Deep Self-Reflection

Engage in introspective practices and discussions that encourage you to explore the deeper layers of your psyche. By examining your personal narratives, dreams, and unconscious patterns, you can better understand the root causes of burnout and uncover hidden aspects of yourself. 

Finding meaning

We search for the meaning of burnout in the context of our life story, identity, values, fears, and unconscious patterns. The aim is to get connected to this life-stopping obstacle, being curious about it instead of trying to control it through various thought processes.

Symbolic Interpretation

Symbolic work through dream interpretation, myths, or other archetypal stories helps us see universal patterns of behavior at play – which are contents of the collective unconscious. Working with symbols allows us to see burnout through different perspectives and discover previously unconscious creativity when addressing burnout.

Individuation Process

Jungian approach favors wholeness as opposed to perfection. We will explore how, from the perspective of becoming our authentic selves, burnout may be an invitation to reconnect with our deepest desires, values, and passions, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. 

Supportive Community

Burnout is terribly isolating, for which connection is the antidote. Connecting with a group of individuals who share a common experience of burnout, and interest in transformative recovery, has an unsubstitutable healing power. 

By sharing your experiences, challenges, and insights, you will receive support, validation, and encouragement from others who understand the transformative power of this approach.  

Is this group for you?

Whether you’re a professional, caregiver, student, or anyone feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life, this support group is open to individuals from all walks of life who seek a deeper understanding of burnout and a path toward holistic healing. Whether you are new to Jungian psychology or have prior knowledge, this group offers a nurturing environment where you can explore your inner life and navigate the waters of the journey of healing from burnout. 

Group details

When: Fortnightly meetings on Mondays |  12:00 to 13:30 CET

dates to be announced

Where: Online, on Zoom

Fee: CHF 50.- per session per person

Group size: it is a closed group, and the space is limited to 7 people

Payment settlement: The quarterly invoice can be settled before the first meeting.

Monthly payments are possible; the first payment is due on the date of the first meeting.

Commitment: a 3-month commitment is required

At the end of each quarter, the group opens to new members. The group remains closed during the quarters (e.g., January to March).

Pre-registration for the Burnout Group

You can pre-register for the group by filling out the form below. When a starting date is set, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.