life is not worth living.”


Portrait of Begum Gurses

About Me

I am a Jungian analyst trained at ISAP Zürich. I accompany individuals in difficult life episodes in their search for meaning or self-discovery.

I work online and in-person in Biel/Bienne and Bern, Switzerland. I speak and work in English, French, and Turkish.

Jungian Analysis

The basis of the Jungian approach is to make the unconscious conscious, which expands our self-awareness, sheds light on our internal/external conflicts, and helps us find meaning in chaos.

Its ultimate, yet not exclusive, tool is dreamwork.

Group Work

My training, my own therapy process, and analytic practice have taught me much about the unconscious dynamics inherent in the helping professions, which I decided to share through a course and process groups.

Contact Me

If you are interested in working with me, you can book an introductory session.

In this meeting, we get to know each other, explore working together, and address analysis-related topics.

The introductory session is a 30-minute free-of-charge meeting.