Helper/Caregiver Support and Process Group

Who are the helpers?

Helpers are individuals who provide assistance to others. They can be professionals such as therapists, doctors, nurses, social workers, and teachers. They can also be caregivers like mothers, those who take care of family members such as an elderly parent, an ill child, or a spouse with addiction.

This group offers a platform to explore helpers’ experiences through a Jungian perspective. The group is semi-curated, with each meeting comprising a learning session where the facilitator presents an aspect of the helper’s role from the Jungian perspective, followed by a processing or sharing session where members can reflect on and share their experiences.

What will this group help you achieve?

The purpose of meetings is to encourage helpers to:

Adopt a new perspective (Jungian) on their helper role

Reflect upon the challenges of caring for someone 

Explore their unconscious dynamics and patterns related to their helper role

Reflect upon the feelings of guilt, fear, and resentment

Become conscious of the impact of their helper role outside of their profession (or their caring role for a family member)

Share and listen to others’ difficult experiences in a safe environment

Recognize and fulfill their own needs 

Discover their own self-care practices

Is this group for you?

This processing group is ideal if:

Group details

When: Fortnightly meetings on Tuesdays | 18:00-19:30

starting date to be announced

Where: online on Zoom

Group size: it is a closed group, and the space is limited to 7 people 

Fee: CHF 50.- per session per person.

Payment settlement: The quarterly or monthly invoice can be settled before the first meeting date. 

Commitment: a 3-month commitment is required

At the end of each quarter, the group opens to new members. The group remains closed during the quarters (e.g., January to March).

Pre-registeration for the group

You can pre-register for the group by filling out the form below. When a starting date is set, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

Your journey towards understanding and personal growth as a helper starts here.