A Jungian exploration of helping others: Who is the Helper?

A 3-week online course

Exploring the helper's role

Helping or the role of the helper is widely respected and highly regarded. Often, helping is accepted to be the right thing to do. Is there no negative potential for helping others? Does helping never inflict harm? What is the cost of the helper role for us?

This course explores the unconscious dynamics underlying the Helper role through a Jungian lens, using Jungian concepts such as archetypes, persona, shadow, and individuation. It identifies unconscious or challenging dynamics, such as power dynamics, associated with the helper role. 

In the first meeting, we will lay the archetypal ground of the helper role and explore various versions of the helper. The second session will focus on helping professionals and their persona and shadow aspects. The last session will focus on the “non-professional helpers,” those who care for a family member. 

What will this course help you achieve?

 In this course, you will:

Explore the helper role from different angles

Discover the (archetypal) background of helping and the helper role – through history, myth, and religion

Learn about the shadow of helping professions

Learn about (Schmidbauer’s) “Helper Syndrome” 

Explore the individuation (wholeness) process of the helper

Learn about the unconscious dynamics associated with the helper role through the use of Jungian concepts, such as persona and shadow

Is this course for you?

This course is ideal if:

Course details

When: Sundays | 10, 17 and 24 March | 

10-12 am Pacific | 1-3 pm Eastern | 6-8 pm GMT | 7-9 pm CET. 

Where: online on Zoom

Fee: USD 179.- payable upon registration 

Registration: On https://www.jungarchademy.com/helper